Stage #4: Jersey / Diélette

Stage #4: Jersey / Diélette

Fourth day of the 33rd Manche Ports Race. The 35 miles of the Jersey/Diélette leg, starting in the morning in the bay of Saint-Aubin, were covered by the competitors under varying conditions. After 4 valid races, we are starting to see clear leaders and winners.

 Feedback on a hard day

Juliette Toutain, 21, skipper of Eskil, 5th in the overall ranking of group 4, talks about the day’s stage: “At last we could get out the spinnakers. After the start we reached the south-west tip of Jersey with a light breeze, and then turned left and set sail to windward towards Diélette. The fleet sailed past the Ecréhou, an area of shallow waters between Jersey and Portbail, and then the Plateau des Trois Grunes. The wind kept changing all day, sometimes by more than 20°, so we really had to concentrate. Practically the whole fleet then tacked up the coast to benefit from the current even though this meant the distance was slightly longer, but as we came level with Cap Flamanville  it got much more difficult. The counter current got stronger and the last few miles up to the finish line were hard work. From our point of view, we’re thrilled because thanks to our ranking on this leg we’ve moved up to 5th place overall!”

Minor damage, major scare

Shortly after departure, while the fleet was sailing under spinnaker, the race committee received a VHF call. “Two men overboard, I repeat, two men overboard!”. The lifeline on one of the boats competing in this 33rd Manche Ports Tour had snapped, and two crew members had fallen into the water. One was being held by a rope and dragged along. Tension mounted. One of the other boats immediately diverted and kept in VHF contact. Within a few minutes the race safety zodiacs had arrived and managed to recover the two crew members. Shocked but  relieved, they were returned to their boat, determined to continue the stage. An unfortunate experience but with a happy ending.

Ranking update

There is no change to the leaders in the provisional overall ranking. They are still in the lead! Pied d’Alouette, Roc Nere III, Défi Voile Adaptée, Manche Fibre Kunkel Palettes et Ville de Donville all remain at the head of their respective groups. Some notable developments result from the fourth stage. In group 1, although Ti’moun Plastimétal stays in second place, third place is now taken by Ysland, skippered by Laurent Macé, replacing Pacha, who had to give up yesterday. In group 2, Didier Angot’s Monster 737 returns to second place thanks to coming in second on the day’s leg while Axe Sails came in third. In group 3, Ti’boat, skippered by Vincent Goullet de Rugy, came in second for the day and so takes third place in overall ranking with the same number of points as who holds second place. In group 4, Robert Bregeon’s la Railleuse retains second place once again.  Behind her, les Rapetous managed to make full use of the day to increase their lead over direct competitor Gwaihir Venturi. Finally, in group 5, Crédit Mutuel keeps gaining in the rankings. Vincent Bunel’s crew won the day’s race and now occupies second position. Pyranha Brothers drops out of the top three in favour of Unicaen, skippered by Gilles Mesnil.